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Kanagawa is part of the Greater Tokyo Area. Its capital is Yokohama, which is Japan’s second largest city by population after Tokyo. It has two large port cities, a beautiful coastline to the south, and stunning mountain ranges and lakes in the west. Its population is over 9 million and it is blessed with a moderate climate. Well connected, with over ten different train lines and numerous bus companies, Kanagawa offers convenience without the high living costs of Tokyo.

"Kanagawa is the best mix of city and countryside in Japan and offers so much: Yokohama, one of Japan’s largest cities; Kamakura, an old capital steeped in Japanese history and culture; the Shonan coast, very popular with surfers and with many beach parties and events during the summer; Hakone, offering peace and relaxation in a beautiful natural area famous for its hot springs. There really is something for everyone. It is just a short train ride from Tokyo so residents can enjoy everything Tokyo has to offer with a lower cost of living.”
- Joseph, Kanagawa Instructor Support Manager

Right on the waterfront you can find the historic “Aka-Renga” or Red Brick Warehouse. This space is home to events for every interest under the sun, such as the African festival, Oktoberfest, and food festivals galore.

Put on a yukata (“summer kimono”) and head on out to one of Kanagawa’s many fireworks festivals. Spend a night watching the port of Kanagawa light up with 15,000 fireworks or spend a relaxing evening along the banks of the Tama River enjoying festival food and watching the colorful explosions overhead.

Say “Trick or Treat!” with Japan’s largest Halloween celebration in Kawasaki. The main event is the parade but don’t miss out on the costume competition where you can see people from all over wearing all kinds of weird and wonderful costumes.

Soccer fans will be in heaven! Kanagawa is home to the J-League teams Kawasaki Frontale and Yokohama F.C. Marinos. But that’s not all! Nissan Stadium regularly holds FIFA Club World Cup matches and is slated to be a part of the 2020 Olympics.

“Play ball!” at the conveniently located Yokohama Stadium, home to the DeNA Baystars. This open air stadium has an excellent view of the Landmark Building and is located near Chinatown, the port, and lots of shopping, all of which makes for a great afternoon.

Experience the rest of Asia without stepping outside of Kanagawa with the largest Chinatown in Asia and one of the largest in the world. Right next to the Yokohama port, this neighborhood is jam packed full of incredible Chinese shops and restaurants. Or try some absolutely delicious Korean BBQ and pick up some kimchi at Korea Town in Kawasaki, home to the second largest population of Korean people in Japan.

“Kanagawa has a better climate and lower population density which gives it a better quality of life than Tokyo. The shore areas of Kanagawa are 5 to 10 degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Kanagawa's cities are just as cosmopolitan as Tokyo with Yokohama and Kawasaki probably being more international than the capital.” - Don, Ofuna Instructor

Situated next to the calm lapping waves of Sagami Bay is the historical laid back town of Kamakura. Japanese history is deeply ingrained in this area with its beautiful old temples and shrines that date back to the 1200’s and the 11.3 meter high Great Buddha. The best times to visit are in spring, when the hydrangeas are in bloom, and the fall, when the leaves are changing color.

Ring in the New Year with hatsumode (“first visit to a temple during the year”) at one of Japan’s most popular locations, Kawasaki Daishi. The temple is one of the most visited in all of Japan and is surrounded by shops selling all sorts of goods year round.

Catch some rays on a sunny day in the lovely Yamashita Park. Find a nice spot and enjoy the plethora of street performers, or watch the ships roll in from Tokyo Bay. For a better view, take a ride to the top of Yokohama Marine Tower and really take it all in.

Stretching across the west of the Kanto Plain is the natural border for Kanagawa, the Tanzawa Mountain Range. This mountain range is not only a popular destination for hiking but its numerous rivers provide plentiful fishing opportunities. Animal lovers will be head over heels as the area is highly populated with deer, flying squirrels, and tanuki (Japanese raccoon dogs).

Synonymous with the word relaxation is the lovely town of Hakone. Its beauty lives in its smoking volcanic mountains, the pristine Lake Ashi and its picturesque views of Mt. Fuji. At the end of the day, don’t forget to take a dip at one of the many onsen (“hot springs”) that dot the country side of this lovely town.

“I personally enjoy visiting the beautiful nearby mountains like the Tanzawa mountain range or the Okutama region. I'd strongly recommend working in Kanagawa.”
- Robert, Sagamiono instructor

With literally something for everyone, Yokohama has a museum to suit every taste. Experience the history of Japanese food at the curry and ramen museums, get a bit of nature at Zoorasia the highly modern zoo, sail the seven seas at the maritime museum, and so much more!

“I love living in Kanagawa, it’s right next to Tokyo, but the apartments are bigger and cost less.”
- Nick, Mizonokuchi instructor

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