General Recruitment for Individual Tutoring School Staff

Tutoring school staff job description

Employment type Tutoring school manager
Job contents

■ Private tutoring school general operations
In order to help students improve their grades and achieve their goals, you will provide study advice and lesson planning. At times, you will consult with parents and guardians regarding students' home lives and plans for higher education. You will also need to schedule instructors' shifts and engage in event planning and promotional activities to help get more people interested in our tutoring schools. This job will help you develop your business management skills through interacting with people and running your school.

Requirements Junior college / university degree required.
※PC skills and language skills are not a requirement.
Information session

8/1 (Sat), at 4 locations around the country including Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya
Location: TokyoNagoyaOsakaShizuoka


Salary Monthly total \300,000 + Commuting allowance
Work Hours 13:30 ~ 22:30 (includes a 1-hour lunch break)
Days Off In principle, Saturdays/Sundays off
Holidays 1 week each off for Golden Week / New Year's, according to the yearly calendar
Bonuses None ※An incentive will be paid upon completing your contract


Please direct any inquiries to the number below:
TEL:03-4405-7075 Recruitment ※Hours: Mon~Sat