Masaki Inayoshi, President


With a philosophy of co-existence and co-prosperity, the Nova Holdings Group places particular focus on the future of children and communities in its role as a wide-ranging educational organization.

Signs of economic recovery from COVID-19 in the second half of 2021 bring hope on the domestic front, although many people still face significant restrictions internationally. When the pandemic is over, things will probably be different.

In today’s world of ever-changing environments in work, education and living, our focus remains on forging ahead to meet actual market needs regardless of limitations related to the pandemic and the economy.

This is the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese calendar, with spring representing a new dawn full of life after a harsh winter and providing opportunities for fresh growth.

We expect this to be a wonderful year that will mark our ongoing efforts in addressing new challenges as well as ensuring satisfaction among employees and everybody related to the Nova family.

Takashi Ono, Senior Managing Director
(President, Jibun Mirai Holdings Co., Ltd.)


Today’s trends of YouTube viewing and online interaction in the context of COVID-19 would be difficult without 4G connections. When 4G came out a decade ago, such high-speed communication was considered a luxury, while today 5G and even 6G are expected to prevail within a decade or so.

Due to global warming, gas-powered cars are also being phased out internationally in favor of electric vehicles with a target date of 2030.

With this active evolution in response to environmental conditions, the company places firm focus on its role in education.

Time is not an extension of the past. It’s the future.

In this context, the company maintains its resolve to address challenges over the next year and beyond.

Sachiko Ito, Senior Managing Director
(President, Central Holdings Co., Ltd.)


The ongoing pandemic made 2021 a tough year for restaurants. However, it was also a year of sowing seeds for the future with simple reconsideration of menus and opening times to suit today’s changing environments.

2022 provides opportunities for the opening of new restaurants and commercial development to match consolidation with the company’s existing ventures.

The principle of great food with great people for great times marks today’s era, and underpins our efforts toward ultimate customer satisfaction.

Kyoko Kumai, Senior Managing Director
(President, Nova Language Company)

隈井 恭子

Changes in values and lifestyles over the last couple of years have necessitated significant development in the service industry.

Against this background, we proactively embrace the production of new lesson content and learning materials along with significantly broadened services toward a post-pandemic existence.

While people may need to stay a little farther apart due to Covid right now, personal interaction remains essential, and the need for English as a universal language is constant. Linguistic ability is always essential in fulfilling ambitions.

In 2022 and beyond, the company maintains its dedication to versatility in meeting all learning needs.