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Masaki Inayoshi, President

Masaki Inayoshi

NOVA Holdings is a general holdings company focused on education, with subsidiaries that are each major players in their respective fields: With NOVA, we have the largest number of English conversation schools in Japan; we have the second-largest number of private tutoring schools; and we provide study abroad support through Last Resort.

At NOVA Holdings, our motto is to continually try new things, and we're working hard to grow and to challenge ourselves every day.

Last year, the men's pro basketball team the Hiroshima Dragonflies joined our group, and our goal is to make use of the educational know-how we've accumulated over the years to give back to the community through our management of this club. As always, we aspire to be a company that thinks outside the box and to keep our sights set on the future.

English conversation is of course already important in our globalized society,
and with the Tokyo Olympics approaching, there is now an even greater
awareness of its importance. As such, we hope to provide support through
our wide array of services.

I hope to link all of our previous endeavors to tangible results, to grow and
strengthen our group, and to gain popularity by valuing each and
every person we interact with.

Takashi Ono, Senior Managing Director
(Jibun Mirai Kyoiku President)

Takashi Ono

Current predictions state that when they graduate, 65% of today's children will find employment in jobs that don't exist today, and that 10-20 years from now 47% of jobs will be automated. The job market is in for some big changes in the coming years, and the field of education is evolving quickly as well.

Revisions to the university entrance exam are coming up in 2020, and children will need to learn the 5 skills of English and to develop their critical thinking and self expression skills. The contents and the structure of our educational system are being revised based on the reality that our children will be global citizens.

Wherever there is change, there is a chance to be found. Time is something
that approaches us from the future, not just an extension of the past.
Rather than sticking to tried-and-true methods, our eyes are on the future
and what our students will need from here on.

It's time to step up! We have new challenges to face!

Sachiko Ito, Senior Managing Director
(Central Holdings President)

Sachiko Ito

Just as being unfamilar with computers or smartphones can make daily life inconvenient these days, the ability to speak English is coming to have a greater and greater impact on our lives.

Siginficant changes to the English education system in our schools are underway, and there are more and more choices as to how and where we want to study a language.

While we want to clearly differentiate our services by brand (NOVA, GEOS, Online, etc), our goal as business administrators is to refine each of our services so that as a whole we are able to offer something to fit the needs of everyone who wants to learn a language.

As a group, our company has continued to rapidly diversify and expand year
by year. Our aim is to embrace each new challenge as it comes and reach
greater and greater heights, all without missing a beat!

Kyoko Kumai,Senior Managing Director
(NOVA President)

Kyoko Kumai

With the Tokyo Olympics and the Osaka Expo coming up, as well as the drastic increase in visitors to Japan, the opportunities for cultural exchange are exponentially increasing not only in business, but in various other situations as well.

Furthermore, the 2020 revisions to the educational system are having an impact on the market for children's English education, with more and more families looking to learn English, not only for the sake of learning English, but as a means to bridge the gap between Japanese people and foreign people.

We're shifting from a time where English was a tool to get ahead to a time where the inability to speak English will limit your choices.

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that language acquisition is necessary not
just for certain people, but for everyone. And that's why it should be
attainable for all, rather than a select few.

Our goal at NOVA is to provide the optimum environment and services to
support language acquisition for all and to help people achieve their dreams!