English schools

The most extensive operation of English schools nationwide, including Nova and Nova Bilingual Kids


Over 1,100 private-tutoring schools nationwide, including Itto Kobetsu Shido Gakuin and Miyabi Kobetsu Shido Gakuin

Study-abroad programs

Last Resort - one of Japan's largest overseas education consultancy agencies, providing free services along with budget- and goal-friendly options

Online English lessons

Brick-and-mortar schools supported by online Shin Ochanoma Ryugaku (study abroad at home) and Live Station services

Sport activities

Pro sports management and operation of soccer schools, gyms and other facilities

Nursery schools

Licensed nursery and international school programs based on unique expertise in English teaching

B to B services

Overseas education with outstanding staff and linguistic focus on interpretation, translation and other services for government offices, companies and schools

Content development

Placement of focus on development for language learning anytime, anywhere, via English learning apps, streaming English lessons and English writing courses

Training services

Provision of English teaching services to 3,500+ companies with guidance on language and commerce tailored for various purposes, budgets, time-scales and other requirements


Franchise operation

Top-level brand franchising in educational markets - tutoring with 1,100 schools across Japan and English lessons with the nation's highest concentration of schools


Expert curriculum content to meet all educational needs

2142schools in Japan

English school 
  • 駅前留学NOVA296schools
  • NOVAバイリンガルKIDS605schools
  • Gaba28schools
Tutoring school 
  • ITTO個別指導学院991schools
  • みやび個別指導学院165schools
    • がんばる学園31schools TOPS2schools
    • すみれ個別指導学院2schools
Nursery School
  • じぶんみらい保育園13schools NOVA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL2schools
  • ジブスマ1schools NOVA bilingual preschool1schools
Day care School
  • プラスデイズ5schools

(As of November 30th, 2022)


  • Tokugawa anan
    March 18th
  • Kumamoto Yatsushiro
    March 11th
  • Kumamoto Ikeda
    March 10th
  • Mie Nabari
    February 25th
  • Aichi Toyokawakita
    February 25th
  • Gifu Ikedaikeno
    February 4th
  • Gunma Maebashisoja
    January 20th