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April 2019 Relocation of Tokyo Headquarters
December 2018 Hiroshima Dragonflies becomes a subsidiary
November 2018 Nikkei MJ, ranked number 1 for sales for the third year in a row in the vocational school (languages, qualifications, pc) cultural learning center category
July 2018 GEOS ONLINE service launches in Thailand
June 2018 Hiroshima Office opens
May 2018 NOVA International School opens
Kagoshima Office opens
April 2018 Acquisition of 「Dai Nihon Language Club」 English conversation business
Acquisition of 「Azoo」 Children's English business
Sendai, Kanazawa, Fukuoka, & Naha Offices open
March 2018 Capital & business tie-up with INDEX ASIA LTD. (Thailand)
Thailand office opens
February 2018 "VOICE" service launched
January 2018 TV commercial deal signed with Rena Takeda
November 2017 Nikkei MJ, ranked number 1 for sales for the second year in a row in the vocational school (languages, qualifications, pc) cultural learning center category
October 2017 Asset purchase agreement signed with MariRisa
September 2017 Sunshine Building acquired as a subsidiary
July 2017 Business collaboration with Borussia Dortmund announced.
May 2017 RIGA International acquired as a subsidiary
Subsidiary company VOICE established
March 2017 Dublin office opens
Malta office opens
January 2017 Commercial contract signed with Kiko Mizuhara
December 2016 Perth office opens
April 2016 Acquisition of online eikaiwa e-Friend
March 2016 Acquisition of Stampee children’s eikaiwa
August 2015 Last Resort becomes a subsidiary
ITTO private tutoring school opens in Cebu, the Philippines
June 2015 NOVA Listening Sapuri launched
NOVA Seoul branch launched
April 2015 New Ochanoma Ryugaku launched
March 2015 Number of tutoring schools reaches 1000
December 2014 Acquisition of language school T.I.E.
September 2014 Subsidiary WOMAN Online established
July 2014 Relocation of Tokyo Headquarters
May 2014 Acquisition of language school MERCURY
Takeover of online eikaiwa Surari-e
December 2013 Subsidiary NOVA established
September 2013 Company name changed to NOVA Holdings
July 2013 ITTOxNOVA opens in Bali
December 2012 GEOS Online launched
November 2012 5th anniversary of NOVA takeover
February 2012 Company name changed to Jibun Mirai Associe
August 2011 Company name changed to Jibun Mirai Holdings
Merger with Inayoshi Capital Partners
April 2011 Private tutoring Sarasa starts
Head office moves to Tokyo
January 2011 First Sumire individual tutoring school opens
April 2010 Takeover of GEOS services
September 2009 First Miyabi individual tutoring school opens
November 2007 Takeover of NOVA services
June 2007 EC becomes a subsidiary
April 2005 500th school opens
June 2003 G Education splits off from G Communication
September 2000 Company name changed from Ganbaru Gakuen to G Communication
Registered with Japan Franchise Association
April 2000 200th Ganbaru Gakuen school opens
June 1997 Ganbaru Gakuen established
January 1996 Ganbaru Gakuen established
June 1994 Founding: Mutsuna school opens in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture