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Jibun Mirai Kyoiku

Operates 1166 private tutoring schools,
including ITTO individual tutoring and more.

Central Design

Handles a wide variety of design, from shop design
and construction to web design and printing.

Central Holdings

Operates various services, including food and drink. Currently operates 29 shops with plans to expand throughout Japan and overseas.



Sunshine Sports Club

A sports club boasting a sports gym, swimming school, and fitness studio, with a wide variety of programs.


Sunshine Sports Club official website


A sports club located on the east side of Souseigawa, Sapporo, Hokkaido.
With a fitness studio, gym, swimming pool, and more, our fully equipped facilities can accommodate any workout routine.
Our goal is to support people of all ages in their fitness goals. Our program includes courses that cater to seniors, which are easy to take up, and easy to keep up with.

Sunshine Sports Club

■Sports club

With everything from the latest in treadmill technology to specialized training equipment, we offer the perfect setting for aerobic exercise and weight training for all skill levels.
We have a 7-lane, 25-meter swimming pool fitted with an "Aqua Clean System" for a swim that is gentle on the body.
We also offer a wide variety of programs in our bright, spacious, glass-walled studios.

Sunshine Sports Club

■Kids' swimming school

Our swimming school is for kids from three years old to middle school age.
Our classes are separated into 19 levels, and we hold tests every other month to push our students to level up.
We also offer a free shuttle bus and our "Hotto Mail" service sends out a notification when students arrive and when they leave, so be assured that your child is safe with us.

Sunshine Sports Club